About us

Our company

Handy Transportation – we choose quality over quantity. Headquartered in Plainfield, IL Handy begun its operations in 2013 We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of transportation and logistics solutions to government and commercial clients. We utilize safe and skilled operators, the best equipment money can buy, we have a rigorous training, proven policies and years of experience to execute superior trucking services and procedures. Our goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations. We always keep in mind the responsibility we have to our drivers and their families, customers, and the public.


We strive to have our inventory updated and properly maintained, so we don’t incur any incidents over the road. Most if our fleet is comprised out if newer vehicles ( tractor-trailer and semi-trailers – flatbeds and conestogas)


The in-house employees are here to assist the drivers anytime during regular business hours, and in case if emergencies, there is always someone that will be of assistance. We have professional people, ready to help you as needed in accounting, safety, operations, legal matters and dispatch.

Supply Chain Management

Our logistics team is made up of people, processes, and technology that will enable you and your business to do more with less – more productivity with less cost, time, and stress. We always do our best to find smart solutions to your toughest logistic challenges.